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46 Gorgeous Quilts ... And Some Updates

Hi everyone!

It has been a while since I've had a minute to put fingers-to-keyboard to get you all some updates. What a busy time it has been! I've had lots of gorgeous quilts to work on. Stay tuned for pics coming to Instagram on those! I was also able to visit some truly gorgeous quilts at the Long Beach Quilt Festival earlier this month. You can see those pics online over on Aacia Quilt Guild's site and marvel at the beautiful quilts if you weren't able to make it to the show in person. There were hundreds. I snagged pics of 46 that particularly made my jaw drop. The one below is a real favorite. This quilt is called Beauty Is In The Blues, by Andrea Brokenshire from Round Rock, TX. It's turned-edge applique that is machine appliqued and quilted, hand-painted, and thread painted, and it utilizes a confetti background. I really want to make a confetti background quilt now. So inspiring!

Edge-to-Edge Quilting Updates

There are dozens of new patterns available on the website! I've meant to get to this for a little while now, and I finally got to it. There are some gorgeous patterns. Check them out below! Remember that all edge-to-edge designs can be scaled up and down, so just because it looks dense or open in the image, it doesn't necessarily mean it has to look that way on your quilt. With this addition, there are now over 500 (!) patterns for you to choose from. If that seems like a lot ... don't worry, quilt consults are still completely free, and we will find the perfect pattern for your quilt together!

Edge-to-Edge Quilting Pricing

I've never had a price increase for edge-to-edge quilting, and it's never fun to announce one, but there will be a slight price adjustment for edge-to-edge quilting from 2.25 cents/sq. in to 2.5 cents/sq. in. for quilts completed with the beautiful Glide thread you've come to know and love. Quilts completed with Superior Monopoly Invisible thread will be 3.5 cents/sq. in. to account for the significantly longer quilt time associated with the slow quilting speed required for invisible thread.

As always, these are flat rates for any pattern, regardless of density. Other quilters might charge more for premium, fancy, or dense patterns ... but I think it would be a tragedy if you fell in love with a particular pattern only to discover it's out of your budget. I just want everyone to be able to have the pattern they love stitched beautifully on their quilt. The new rate will apply to any quilts received after the date of this post. If I already have your quilt, don't worry ... you're in the queue at the old rate. Thank you for your understanding and continued support of my small business.

Summer Travels!

I will be out of town from August 15th until September 10th, helping my friend who is moving out of state with her cross-country drive. Road trip! We're also transporting her cute little pup. It will be a nice relaxed-pace sort of excursion with lots of roadside stops, I suspect! We will be stopping along the way to do some sightseeing, including quilty things, so there will be some pictures coming! If you have a quilt that you want in the queue for when I get back, just let me know. As always, quilts will be completed in the order I receive them. I suspect that things will get busy on my return, so if you're looking for Christmas finishes, please be sure to reach out and fill me in on your quilty plans!

And while I have your attention for just a moment longer, I want to take the opportunity to thank all of my quilters. It has been a busy year. I've met some amazing creators and been entrusted with some truly gorgeous quilts. It is never far from my mind that each and every quilt is special to its maker, and I appreciate being part of your creativity every single time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Um that iris is GORGEOUS!!! Is each colour a different piece of fabric? Or did the purple fabric have a colour gradient?

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Have a great trip! I love Road Trips!!💕

Me gusta
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