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Creating an "in between" project

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Another quilt kit that has been sitting in the cupboard for a few years has been started. This one is quite large, so it won't be finished anytime soon. The quilt pattern is Cute as a Blossom, by Callie Works-Leary. I received the kit as a part of a membership promotion for the Bluprint site (now defunct, but rebranded and relaunched as Craftsy 2.0). It was supposed to include 49 fat quarters for a queen quilt, but when I opened the package, it had only 40 fat quarters. I'm not sure yet what that will mean for the finished project. The queen quilt should have 49 blocks and I only have fabric for 40 ... so it might become an in-between sizes extra large couch snuggling quilt ... with maybe some pillows on the side. We will see.

I remember when I started quilting and thought I could sew around corners. Don't laugh. You know we all tried it at some point in our sewing careers! Well, this block does that properly with a partial or Y-seam. Y-seams can be tricky for a number of reasons. They involve measuring and special spacing of your stitches. They involve a lot of bias edges, so they're easy to unintentionally skew. And they're tedious. It's easy to understand why many pattern writers brag about having "No Y-seams!" As of this writing, I have completed 9 blocks from this kit, and thus, I have intentionally created a UFO (unfinished object, for those non-quilters who might be reading). But not to worry! I plan to do them as my project in between other projects. All of the fabric is cut (that took hours!) and some of the blocks are staged on my design wall. When I have an hour spare and the urge to sew (and I have the urge to sew more often than I have an hour to spare, lately!), I can pluck one off the flannel and then fill it in with a new block from the zillion pieces waiting in little plastic bags. What sort of projects do you have as your "in-between" UFO?

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