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Do you have special items that you want to both remember and feel close to every day? Commission a custom made memory quilt. Do you have a collection of beloved T-shirts or ties? Did someone give you some quilt blocks but you aren't a quilter? Do you want to snuggle up with family pictures printed on cloth? Lots and lots of things can be made into quilts.


How does it work?

  • To get started, you purchase this design consultation. We'll get in touch and schedule a convenient time to talk about your project, review the items you want to include in your quilt, and agree on a design.
  • You send the items you want to be included in the quilt to us.
  • We cut the items into the sizes needed. T-shirts or fragile fabrics are backed with a stabilizer.
  • The blocks are sewn together, using additional quilt fabric as needed to complete the desired design.
  • With batting and high-quality quilt backing fabric supplied by us, the layers are quilted together and a matching binding is added to finish the edges.
  • The quilt is packaged and shipped back to you via USPS.


The initial design consultation fee will be applied to the total project cost. If you decide not to proceed after our initial design meeting, half of the fee will be refunded to you. You'll receive an estimate that includes the design, construction costs, and return shipping charges before we start.


Current turnaround time: 2-4 weeks, depending on design choices


General estimates by size:

Crib size (36 x 45) $195

Lap size (45 x 60) $295

Twin size (70 x 90) $495

Full/Double size (85 x 108) $695

Queen size (90 x 108) $895

King size (110 x 110) $1095*


We can accommodate XL King size quilts, too--a king size quilt that goes all the way to the floor. Just ask about it during the design consultation.


Custom Memory Quilt

SKU: QCM-202011-1

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