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Finishing Up


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How would you like your quilt returned to you? 

Terms of Service

We cannot promise perfection; we are human. Sometimes things may not turn out the way you have pictured in your mind. We rarely have anyone who is disappointed with our service, but by sending your quilt you are trusting in our best judgment, and trusting us that we will do the best we can. If your quilt turns out anything but perfect we will do our best to make it right, but we cannot be held responsible for misunderstandings of what you had in mind and what we actually provided. A needle may snag or get caught, making a minor tear, or sometimes the quilt isn't square or the borders don't lay flat and we are forced to deal with the minor ruffle at the bottom of the quilt as we finish it. When you send your quilt to us, you acknowledge that things don't always turn out perfectly, and things may not come back the way you had intended.



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