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Just who is That Expat Aussie?

Great question! That Expat Aussie is Caroline Carpenter, who is originally from North Queensland, Australia. For quite a few years now, she's lived in sunny southern California. Caroline is a teacher, a business executive, and a mum, and in all those spaces, she has always found ways to be creative. She has a passion for the details and cares as much about your quilt projects as she does her own.


When she isn't busy dreaming up new quilting designs and patterns, talking about quilting, or actually quilting, she's often enjoying the glorious So Cal outdoors or having a little fun playing World of Warcraft and spending time with gaming friends from around the world. Use the form below to reach out and say hello. If you'd like us to give you a call, please let us know what's a good time to reach you. If you want to send us pictures for a quilt consultation, you can email us directly.

Thanks for your message!

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