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Your batting choice--the middle layer in your quilt sandwich--is very important. The batting you choose affects how the finished quilt will look, wash, hang, drape, and feel. A batting that's poorly made or inconsistent with thick and this spots (or holes!) can make even the most beautiful quilts seem second-rate. We use Quilter's Dream batting exclusively because it's high-quality batting, made in the USA, and delivers fabulous results every time. There are plenty of different Quilter's Dream battings to suit every quilter. But what kind of batting should you choose?

First, some batting lingo:

Loft: How puffy is the batting? If you want to show off the quilting, choose a high loft batting such as poly puff for drama and dimension. If you prefer the look of a flatter, traditional quilt, go with a lower loft, typically cotton, wool, or a poly-cotton blend.

Needle-punching: In needle-punched batting, fibers are felted together, interlocked using thousands of tiny barbed needles. This makes the batting stronger and creates a dense, stable loft.

Scrim: This is a thin layer of mesh that is to the batting to add stability. Heavy scrim or those attached with glue or resin can make the quilt feel crunchy and affect the quilt's airflow. 

Staple length: For natural fibers, such as wool or cotton, staple length is an important criterion. Shorter fibers are more hairy and linty when spun. The longer the fiber, the stronger, softer, and more durable the resulting fabric. Fabrics made of long-staple cotton fray less, pill less, wrinkle less and even fade less than fabrics made with their short-staple counterparts.

Our Batting Options

Dream Cotton

  • 100% natural, long-staple renewable cotton fiber, grown by U.S. farmers

  • Some shrinkage (1-3%) upon washing/drying for a slightly puckered look

  • Cotton naturally wicks away moisture for maximum summer comfort

  • No scrims, resins, or glues to inhibit airflow makes a breathable quilt

  • Cotton has a high thermal value, so it's an excellent insulator; Deluxe and Supreme lofts are extra warm

Available in three lofts:

Select: Our most popular midweight batting with a soft lovely drape; perfect for most quilting projects. Available in natural or white.

Deluxe: Provides superb weight and warmth and extra emphasis for quilting; excellent for wall quilts. Available in natural.

Supreme: A hefty, very warm, and dense batting that has 1/2 pound of cotton per square yard. Great for projects that require thickness, weight, and volume.

Available in White and Natural.

Dream Wool

  • 1/3" - 1/2" of loft makes quilting pop!

  • Scoured and super washed for superior cleanliness

  • Machine washable and dryable without shrinkage

  • Made from soft and silky wool of U.S. raised merino and domestic sheep

  • Thermally bonded using an ultra fine denier polyester to interlock fibers and prevent shrinking, shifting, and bunching

  • Very warm, yet lightweight with a soft, beautiful drape

  • Very long wool fibers are naturally hypoallergenic

  • Wool wicks moisture away from the body to keep you cool in the summer

  • No scrims or other barriers to inhibit airflow

Available in Wool Natural.

Dream 80/20 Blend

  • The perfect blend of 80% high grade long staple USA cotton fiber paired with 20% fine denier poly microfiber for a soft, silky batting that drapes beautifully and breathes well 

  • Long staple cotton fiber reduces shrinkage and adds stability

  • Poly micro fibers add loft and resistance to creases and wrinkles 

  • Blended fibers are specially carded, cross-lapped, and needle-punched for strength, consistency, and a beautiful soft drape

  • No scrims, glues, or other binders 

  • Excellent for quilts that will see a lot of handling 

  • Some shrinkage (1-3%) upon washing/drying for a slightly puckered look

  • High cotton content means it's still a wonderful option for summer quilts

  • Strong batting readily supports wider, looser stitch patterns but still has a lovely drape when more densely quilted


Available in White and Natural.

Dream Poly

  • You won't believe it's polyester!

  • Over 60 million soft silky microfibers per pound, compared to standard polyester batting that typically has about 5 million fibers per pound 

  • Needle-punched microfibers mimic cotton fibers, so you get the look and feel of cotton 

  • No shrinkage, so quilting will look the same after washing and maintain that "just quilted" look; perfect for modern quilts 

  • Doesn't absorb moisture, so quilts dry quickly and are more stain-resistant

  • Doesn't hold a crease, even if quilts are stored folded for months

  • True black color option doesn't fade, run or bleed because the fibers are created black, not dyed; perfect for darker quilt tops

Available in White and Black.

Dream Puff

  • 100% polyester batting that has been thermally bonded for wonderful loft and warmth

  • Lightweight and breathable, but with a high thermal value making it even warmer than down

  • 1/3 - 1/2" of loft makes quilt designs pop

  • Super cozy and cuddly, with no scrims or other barriers to inhibit airflow

  • Doesn't absorb moisture, so quilts dry quickly and are more stain-resistant 

  • Doesn't hold a crease, even if quilts are stored folded for months

  • Machine washable; air dry or dry without heat. Do not iron, dry clean, or compress using heat

Available in White.

Dream Green

  • One of the Aussie's favorite battings because it's soft, cozy, cuddly and 100% made from recycled plastic bottles!

  • Dream Green has a very, very light green color; so pale that you can't tell it's green until you put it next to something white, so it may not be suitable for predominantly white or very light-colored quilts

  • Select loft midweight batting perfect for most quilting projects 

  • Polyester microfibers indistinguishable from virgin poly fibers, so it has all the advantages of Dream Poly plus added environmental benefits

  • No shrinkage, so quilting will look the same after washing and maintain that "just quilted" look 

  • Doesn't absorb moisture, so quilts dry quickly and are more stain-resistant

  • Doesn't hold a crease, even if stored folded for months

  • Specially priced to make it easy for you to do your bit for the environment while creating a beautiful quilt

  • Studies show that the energy saved by recycling a single plastic bottle – as compared to producing a new one from scratch – is enough to power a single 60-watt bulb for six hours. The amount of petroleum saved annually by using post-consumer bottles instead of virgin materials in the manufacturing process is enough to supply power to a city the size of Atlanta for an entire year! The process of recycling plastic bottles results in a 66% reduction of energy consumption, nearly 90% reduction of water usage and reduction of carbon dioxide by 2.5 times. 

Available in Eco Green Tint.

Dream Angel

  • Dream Angel Flame Retardant Quilt Batting is made of fibers that are specially engineered to be inherently flame retardant with fibers that are designed not to melt or flow when in contact with flame.

  • There are no chemical coatings and no PBDEs.

  • Dream Angel Batting can be machine washed and dried and will not lose the flame retardant quality. 

  • Dream Angel was tested by an independent laboratory and meets both international standards and the Technical DRAFT CAL 604.

  • The flame retardant fibers are blended, carded, crosslapped and needlepunched into a beautiful, soft, cozy batting that is very resistant to creasing.

  • Heavenly for both hand and machine quilting.

  • Confidently stitch up to 6" apart.

  • No need to prewash. Minimal shrinkage.

  • Finished quilt may be machine washed and dried.

Available in Light Natural.

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