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Necessity is the mother of ... sewing

I'm very good at crochet, but I haven't knit anything since 8th grade Home Economics, where I failed spectacularly to knit a 4" swatch. My friend Kim saved the day by knitting a swatch for me, and I returned the favor by crocheting a square for her. My mum is a knitting genius. (Seriously. She's next level amazing.) I decided recently that I wanted to learn how to knit (again ... sort of ...), so I bought a very inexpensive set of bamboo knitting needles. Of course, a million knitting needles for almost no money doesn't come with a case, so I made one ... and then I sneaked in my crochet hooks too! Thanks, YouTube! If you want to make one, click here for the wonderful tutorial from Erica Arndt. What's your favorite crafty thing to do when you're not quilting?

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