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Design My Quilt Wizard

You've pieced a beautiful quilt top; now let us add edge-to-edge quilting for a gorgeous finishing touch. We have hundreds of designs for you to choose from, and if you aren't sure what you would like or what might suit your quilt, we're happy to consult with you and help you choose something perfect. Just click the button below to choose a time convenient for you.

Our quilting charge is just 2-1/4 cents per square inch, and you can choose from 100% cotton, 80/20, or 100% poly batting options that are all included in that charge.  If you prefer a Premium Batting, you can choose Cotton Deluxe, Cotton Supreme, or Wool for a small additional charge. You can see the total cost for your quilt update as you make your design choices.

Once we receive your quilt, we specialize in a fast turnaround and we don't charge fees for "priority quilting" or any of that silliness! The exact timing depends on demand. If you are trying to hit a specific deadline, just reach out to us and we'll see if we can accommodate you. We can usually make it all work out! All quilts are worked on in the order received, so once you've filled out the form below, be sure to send your quilt top to us promptly via a secure shipping method with tracking.

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