Notes for Johnie:
The image for the backing fabric should be smaller. It only needs to be 1.5" square.

The intro text on page zero indicates a switch to a "batting included except premium batting" model, so all the battings except Cotton Deluxe, Cotton Supreme, and Wool are included in a $0.03/sq in price. Premium batting selection should change the square inch charge to:
Cotton Deluxe: 0.0325
Cotton Supreme: 0.035
Wool: 0.035
Angel: 0.035

I've updated the current batting options available in the picklist.

Quilt Design: Batting and Backing



Selected Batting Description

If you provide your own quilt backing, it must be 4-6" wider than your quilt top on all sides. If you don't have a quilt back, you can select from our available fabrics below. Our 116" backing fabrics will support a quilt up to 108" wide. Our 108" backing fabrics will support a quilt up to 100" wide.  Cuddle 3 backing is available for quilts up to 80" wide. Luxe Cuddle Rose embossed backing is available for quilts up to 50" wide.

Please note that we do not provide seaming services for quilt backs. If your quilt is wider than allowed by our backing fabrics, you must provide your own backing that is 4-6" larger than your quilt on all sides.