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Happy Holidays! (And some news!)

Hello everyone! I hope this note finds you and your loved ones happy and healthy and enjoying the holiday season. I've been busily quilting, and I've enjoyed seeing some lovely quilts that will be gifted this holiday season. What's a better gift than a quilt? Nothing. It's a hug made from fabric, thread, and love.

I'm pretty tickled to let you all know that I have a quilt showing at Road to California in January. If you are planning to go to the show, be sure to take a peek at it. If you've never been to Road before, I do recommend it. It's a super fun show with some amazing quilts to look at. The show is from January 17-20, and you can read more about it here.

And the news part of things: After the holidays, I will be relocating to Wisconsin! I know, I know ... it will be quite the change to go from sunny So Cal to the sometimes chilly north, but I'm quite looking forward to the change of seasons and the milder summers ... even if the price of all that is the winter deep freeze! If you have a quilt with me currently, don't worry ... it will be finished soon! For the moment, I am not accepting any more quilts ahead of the move. I'll keep you all updated when everything is set up in the new location and I'm back to quilting again.

Enjoy this lovely little holiday tree, pieced by the talented Diane D.

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It was a pleasure meeting you and all your help with my projects. I’m sad to hear you’re relocating but I’m sure it will be a great adventure for you. My mum is from Wisconsin. Waukesha to be exact. Loved going there. Take care and be well. You will be missed. Please keep in touch

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