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New Beginnings and New Patterns

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

It rained here in southern California yesterday ... a sure sign that "winter" is around the corner. Soon we might have to wear long sleeves when we go outside. The horror! :) But really, we are sending warm wishes to our friends in more wintry climates.

In fact, I'll be in wintry climates myself soon enough! I'll be heading off to Germany in January (COVID travel restrictions permitting) to be with my daughter while my newest grandson is born. We are all very excited about the new baby, but of course it does mean that there will not be much springtime quilting happening. The longarm won't fit in my carry-on bag, oddly enough. If you would like me to quilt for you before I hop across the ocean, your quilt will need to reach me by January 7th.

And because we're always adding new designs, we've also got some new patterns for edge to edge quilting. Here they are, and they will all be available to choose during Design My Quilt in the next day or so:

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